Holocaust plaques in front of our apartment

Mary noticed these three small plaques in front of our rather nondescript apartment building. She realized that they are markers inscribed with the names of a Jewish family that lived in the first floor apartment of this building before being deported to Auschwitz in 1943. Hugo Haarzopf, his wife Paula, and their 10 year old daughter Eva. Under all three names it says, “ERMORDET” (murdered).

While Paula and Eva were “gassed immediately,” there’s more to the story regarding Hugo, as he was one of 86 specifically killed in the name of “science.”

Also, read more about this marker project, known as Stolperstein— the German word for “stumbling block.”


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3 Responses to Holocaust plaques in front of our apartment

  1. Michelle Knoll says:

    I think this is such an effective and fascinating way to attest to the severity of the Holocaust and to the memory of those lost. I’ve always “enjoyed” perusing the Stolpersteine while in Germany.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Peter and Mary – Great blog! We saw these same plaques in Germany. Really powerful. I will check out the link you gave us as I was curious and didn’t realize these were other places. The ones we found were all around a Catholic church and represented the people who were taken right from the church and those who lived by the church.

    We miss you all,

  3. Stephen Evans says:

    These memorials are very important and very moving. They personalise the unimagineable.

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